Revitalizing Swedish Massage

We all know how comforting and relaxing massages are. Did you know that massages also have health benefits? Besides providing us with physical benefits, massages also improve our wellbeing by improving our quality of sleep and reducing stress. Massages can improve circulation, range of motion, and can alleviate muscle soreness. In order to get a quality massage, you’ll need skilled and experienced massage therapists.

Healing Hands Massage will provide you with the ultimate relaxation with a Swedish massage in Columbia, SC. Our massage therapists are deeply committed to your comfort and satisfaction. Enjoy the numerous benefits of massage therapy and call us today to schedule. Reduce stress, muscle tightness, and anxiety. This is your time to unwind and escape!

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Origins of the Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage is one of the oldest and most common massage modality practiced today. It was developed by Dutch doctor Johann Georg Mezger around 1868. While he was studying medicine, Mezger practiced French massage techniques in patients with minor sprains. In 1868, he passed his doctoral exam and wrote a dissertation on “The Treatment of Distorio Pedis with Frictions”, which would then serve as the therapeutic basis for Swedish Massage.

How is the Swedish massage?

This type of massage can include the use of hands, forearms, and elbows to manipulate the superficial layers of the muscles to ameliorate soreness and improve circulation. Active and passive movement of the joints may also be part of this massage. Depending on your particular preferences, the session may involve the use of several or all of the following basic Swedish massage techniques: effleurage, petrissage, friction, vibration, and tapotement.

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Possible Benefits

  • Mental relaxation
  • Improvement of quality of sleep
  • Relief of stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Improved sense of well-being
  • Improvement of lymphatic drainage
  • Cramps and muscle spasms relief
  • Loosening of joints and improving range of motion
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