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Rejuvenating Hand Facial

Let us help you look young again with these anti-aging and rejuvenating hand facials.

30 Min for $45

Tandem Massage

This relaxing therapeutic massage is offered with two therapist using a combination of Swedish and Integrative Deep Tissue techniques simultaneously throughout the whole massage, providing a ripple effect of immediate relaxation.

90 Min for $225 60 Min for $150 30 Min for $75


This relaxing style of massage therapy will put the overworked, worn out, and tired body into a deep state of relaxation while relieving all of the stress and tension from everyday life.

90 Min for $130 60 Min for $70 30 Min for $50

Aroma Power

Relax with a personalized aroma therapeutic scent blended in the room during the massage treatment.

90 Min for $130 60 Min for $85 30 Min for $55

Integrated Deep Tissue/ Hot Towel

The penetrating heat from the towels relieves sore muscle, stiffness, and stress to allow the therapist to work out all the knots and kinks of a sore muscle using the deep tissue technique.

90 Min for $130 60 Min for $75 30 Min for $55


This treatment is applied in a Swedish style. The heat from the hot stones relaxes sore and stiff muscles.

90 Min for $140 60 Min for $85 30 Min for $65

Headache Relief

Fresh, bright, and green aroma. Essential oils of Eucalyptus and Grapefruit are incorporated with relaxing and balancing oils of Roman Chamomile and Rose Absolute. These oils are an ideal blend for headache sufferers to be diffused, inhaled, or used in a scalp massage.

30 Min for $45 15 Min for $25

Cocoa Shea ButterWrap

Extremely nourishing to the skin, this treatment adds moisture and sheen to dry skin. The skin is left feeling soft and healthy after your wrap is over.

90 Min for $135 60 Min for $80 30 Min for $60

Cellulite Reduction Wrap

Lose up to 1-3inches with a powerful, blend of 8 pure essential oils chosen specifically to aid in the reduction of cellulite. Black Pepper is incorporated to increase circulation, while the combination of Grapefruit, Juniper berry, and Cypress attack the cellulite to help tone the body.

90 Min for $135 60 Min for $80 30 Min for $60

Prenatal Massage

This massage helps relieves stiffness, headaches, and backaches associated with pregnancy.

90 Min for $135 60 Min for $85 30 Min for $55

Couples Massage

Enjoy the comfort of this massage with a friend or a loved one.

90 Min for $190 60 Min for $150 30 Min for $100

Table Thai Massage

Thai Massage, traditionally performed on the floor, but now adapted to the massage table. This massage will help with joint range and motion and flexibility. It's recommended you were comfortable clothing since you may be positioned into a variety of yoga-like positions during the course of the massage.

60 Min for $85 30 Min for $60

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